Johnny’s Kitchen is a brand initiated by the owner and Chef Johnson Mogaparthi, which has acquired numerous honors that bring it among one of the top Indian restaurants in Adelaide.

The restaurant is renowned for mouth-watering authentic Indian cuisines while offering an energetic dining experience with a combination of soothing music to the customers.

Challenge faced by Johnny’s Kitchen

Earlier, Johnny’s Kitchen possessed a WordPress website which was lacking an appealing design and functionality. The inferior typography and content management system was the prime reason for lessened traffic and the least number of lead conversions.

How we have put forward the best solutions

We, being the leading Website redesigning agency in Adelaide, found the ideal solution for the business after a deep analysis of the website.

  • Offered proper CTA (Call to action) on the website
  • Incorporated the brand style and values
  • A Better user experience and user interface

Call To Action Feature

Since personalized CTAs convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs, we have emphasized the feature to urge the potential audience to take action.

Enhanced User Experience

Impressive user experience not only relies on an alluring design but a strategic yet well-organized plan is a prerequisite to comply with the brand’s goal.

Responsive User Interface

Considering the mobile users’ potential, we have developed a responsive WordPress website to enable the target audience to order their favorite menu from wherever they are.


Consequently, we have developed a high-performing, highly-appealing, responsive, and feature-loaded website, which promises enhanced sales leads and revenue generation.

Given the challenges that retailers encounter, having a high-performing online store sometimes gets a bit tricky though. Yet, our experience and dedicated efforts have assisted hundreds of clients to turn their website visitors into final customers.