Affiliate Marketing

Prospecting & On-Boarding New Affiliate partners at Cost-Per-Sale-Model for Better control on generating high intent traffic and spends against sales

We use affiliate marketing services to help drive traffic and sales on a profit sharing basis by working with affiliate networks around the world who have access to large publishers in the multiple verticals.

We will find, contact, negotiate and manage these affiliates on your behalf. The best part of adding this service is that we will only pay for sales and the traffic from the publishers will make your Facebook pixel smarter and this the conversion rate from Facebook ads will also go up.

Our specialized Affiliate Marketing Program will drive traffic and ROI for your existing online brand.

Our Affiliate Marketing Scope of work includes:

  • Negotiating the CPS percentage with Affiliates
  • On boarding new partners for new acquisition
  • Cross Checking Traffic Quality and Conversion Rate On a Daily Basis
  • Eagle eye on Brand Bidding to Make sure Competition can not be an increase
  • Regular discussions on minimum 1.5X Growth per month through the affiliate channel
  • After Onboarding and paperwork with affiliates, they will start working on the CPS model. They usually Contain a huge network of inventory (Maybe blogs, coupon website etc)
  • Affiliates will place a pixel on the thank you page from where they get an update on sales through their traffic source
  • Building affiliate banners and other creatives
  • Evaluation of no. of sales and add new strategies to help improve conversion and traffic (rewards top affiliates with new strategies)
  • Monthly reporting


Working Style

our process

shape right


Our team of experts understand your requirements & plan the entire architecture of the website in advance to make sure we have the right path for the successful project



Our creative team of experts give shape to your raw idea into visuals and produce the best design for your approval



Once website designing is complete, our expert developers work on the website coding and built the website and assist you in successfully launch the website