Website Re-Design

In recent trends, it’s a must for every business to have trendy, user friendly and responsive website. Every user/customer researches your company’s online presence before purchasing any products or services. it is imperative that your target user/customer will compare you and your competitors before opting or making his/her selection to go with the best out there. Therefore you cannot neglect the fact that having an updated online presence is not only essential but not getting the overhaul done to your web presence is a must after x number of months/years. What we have put together for you below are a few fact checking list against your current website/business strategy to find it its the right time for your website to be overhauled.

So here we go… the 5 reasons why you should get your website redesign/revamped/overhauled.

Not trendy… not in Fashion: Just like fashion, websites designs follow a very specific trend.. and these trends tend to change over often. Many Individuals or companies have different reasons to get a website redesigned, but the main reason is that your website is not in fashion (i.e extremely older look & feel to it). As the web/technology is always evolving… even people with minimal knowledge about websites can tell if the website is trendy or not… which might negatively impact your online presence. Further to this reason you would be losing customers as almost everyone tends to compare your product and services against your competition. Customers would like to go with the websites which are easy to use, easy to navigate, with minimal load time, and features as per the current trends.

Not responsive… is a big NO: Gone are the days when users depend on the desktops to browse websites. Though it was easy to maintain desktop only website but since the smartphone era responsive websites are a MUST. Todays user can surf your website using any one of the latest gadgets including desktops, laptops, smartphones, iPhone, Androids, Tablets devices and would like to have seamless fluid design as per there device at hand. Hence your website must have a responsive user experience UX for your business, if not its time to get your website revamped..

If your User experience UX is old school: Studies reveal you should often check your competitor’s website, what they are doing, what new technologies they have v/s what your site has. With exponentially growth in technology it’s highly recommended that you need to go with the new school v/s the old school user experience. Today your website should follow the latest UX design pattern including east to navigate and world class user experiences for your users to gain knowledge about your offerings. So to stay ahead in the game get into the new school UX academy.

Your business strategy is NOT in-synch with your UI: At YOU Business Solutions, we come across many companies where their shared experience on their website was not aligned with their business goals or sales strategy. The always changing business strategy of any company needs to be in-synch with your online user interface (UI) too. Therefore an important reason to get your overhaul done as per your current offerings or business goals is a must. You need to make it crystal for your visitors and to ensure this you would require a new UI/re-design. If your current website is not reflecting your current business strategy, then its time for a website overhaul.

Static v/s Dynamic websites: As per today’s trend, content marketing is playing a vital role in your business success. Your website should have the ability to update new content on a daily/weekly/monthly basis through your Content Management System (CMS). This further helps increase the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help you in your online marketing efforts. As per today’s trends not only just re-designing but also a good CMS is very much required with it. So if your website is build static (HTML based) it is time for your to get a website design overhaul which includes a dynamic website


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Our Process

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Our team of experts understand your requirements & plan the entire architecture of the website in advance to make sure we have the right path for the successful project



Our creative team of experts give shape to your raw idea into visuals and produce the best design for your approval



Once website designing is complete, our expert developers work on the website coding and built the website and assist you in successfully launch the website