Instinctive Driving is an organization that meticulously facilitates aspiring candidates by offering education and practical driving experience. The team at Instinctive Driving encompasses licensed examiners, that assures high quality and precise driving training. The faculty offers various assessment courses and training packages along with assistance with VORT (Vehicle On Road Test).

Challenge faced by Instinctive Driving

Driving instructors at Instinctive Driving were having the WordPress website earlier, however, they were not quite satisfied owing to the inefficient design, typography, and layout of their content. This inefficiency caused no potential conversion of the website visitors. Hence, they banked upon YBS for a perfect resolution.

How You Business solutions confronted the issues

We came up with a radical approach after a deep analysis for:

  • A better User Experience and Digital-first brand presence
  • Offering a seamless browsing and frictionless experience
  • Enhancing visitors’ conversions and sales
  • Minimizing lead bounce-rate via pleasant inner-site navigation

Enhanced User Experience

Rigorously represented each detail about the packages and assessment courses offered by the driving instructors for the users, which has made it seamless to surf for their preferred course.

And upon clicking the course of their choice, users will get directed to the comprehensive comparison table for a deep understanding of each available course.

Easy-to-use Comparison Table between offered Packages

Leveraging the comparison table the user could easily choose the required package in accordance with their requirements. Each table element comprised of the essential details for the visitors including course duration, costs, benefits, and recommendations.

Spend more time on the website will certainly, reduces the bounce rate and make the visitors purchase the course of their choice.

Responsive Interface

Keeping in mind, the users leveraging smartphones for website surfing, we have developed the responsive WordPress website for effortless mobile user navigation. The audience will try to access the website from a variety of different devices of all shapes and sizes. And the responsive design will benefit them no matter how big or small their screen size is.

As SEO is the crucial aspect for alluring organic traffic, Google also favors responsive websites so they appear on top positions in the search engine results, in order to enhance their search results for mobile users.

The Result

Our comprehensive working strategy through Content Architecture, Designing, and Development of Instinctive Driving’s WordPress website has succeeded in elevating customer engagements and higher ROI.

Skilled UI/UX YBS professionals have essentially presented a live design for the Instinctive Driving website and have for ever remodeled their way of selling enticing potential online audience.